Every year, our student community benefits from the generosity and support of our Alumni and friends.

Seminars and events like Lyceum are pivotal to our impact as chiropractors and shape our chiropractic career development – starting from the very beginning. For many in our profession, our success and influence was made possible by the people who helped us along the way.

A recent conversation with one of our Alumni, Craig Osborne, highlighted the value students gain from getting involved in seminars and events. After a bit of banter with some of his friends and colleagues, the challenge was set to turn up the dial and set a lofty goal of getting all 294 students to Lyceum, sponsored by the chiropractic community.

Thanks to a small group of early adopters, we’re at 33 already, and now we’re asking you to get behind this ‘pay it forward’ project.

Watch Craig Osborne’s short video message, dig deep and support our future generation of chiropractors in becoming the world’s best.

Thanks for helping us get there!

Support our students in getting to Lyceum

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“When I was a student, an incredible chiropractor, Margaret Bryce came to the College and offered to take some students to lunch. I jumped at the chance and thanked Margaret for her generosity. She said 3 simple words to me… “pay it forward”. Those words have stuck with me ever since and I always make the same request of the students I support so we keep the ‘pay it forward’ effect alive.” Kelly Holt, President