‘Accentuate the Positive’

Friday 13 – Sunday 15 September 2019

Friday 13 September

Registration Opens
Associate Career Fair

An opportunity for practices that are looking to recruit associates to connect with the College’s future graduates.

Lyceum Opening

Join us for the opening of Lyceum and be prepared to be wowed by our guest speaker, mountaineer and extreme adventurer Mike Allsop, as he explains how anybody can accomplish extraordinary things.

Saturday 14 September

Phil McMaster – Introduction and Welcome
Gerry Clum – There is no Dress Rehearsal

Canvasing the chiropractic landscape with a true pioneer.

Monique AndrewsYour Brain on Chiropractic

Monique delves into the most recent neuroscience illustrating the powerful impact that chiropractic has on the brain. This presentation also explores the potential impact of vertebral subluxation on the developing central nervous system and the putative role for chiropractic in the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Morning tea
Marina Fox – Positively Neovitalism

As an educator and practitioner, understanding your philosophical drivers is vital. There has been a long history of debate in chiropractic as to whether the traditional philosophy of vitalism should remain the chiropractic philosophy. A shift to mechanism in the twentieth century has seen evidence-based medicine become the dominant healthcare philosophy. How does a vitalistic point of view remain relevant in this environment?

Bruce Rapley – The Chiropractic Experience: One customer’s journey to health

In this presentation, Bruce recounts his journey to health with chiropractic. After a major car accident in the 1950s, his road to recovery started with chiropractic in the 1970s after the failure of the general medical system’s model. Bruce then goes on to explain his on-going association with chiropractic and how that dovetails into his current research into human health and wellbeing. He shares his general knowledge of the functioning of the human mindbody complex and outlines his vision for the future of chiropractic development.

Tom Preston – A Perfect Plan

In A Perfect Plan, Tom lays out why living your life Authentically from Above Down Inside to Out allows the planet and it’s 7.7 Billion inhabitants to live rich, fulfilling, prosperous lives.


Kelly Holt – Are Subluxations Real? Fo’ shizzle!!!

Kelly will explore the current debate within the profession that asserts that subluxation based chiropractic care and evidence based chiropractic care are mutually exclusive health paradigms. He will discuss what the latest research tells us about vertebral subluxations and the effects of adjusting subluxations on the brain body connection and how this fits into an evidence based world.


Bruce Rapley – Above the Occiput – A future direction for chiropractic?

In his second presentation, Bruce, with the assistance of Rachel Summers and Dr. Huub Bakker, will outline a new research strategy intended to explore the potential of new diagnostic techniques in relation to human health and wellbeing. He will outline his research, with the help of his team, into micro bone movement analysis.


Bettina Tornatora – Mister in-between (part 1)

This presentation will explore the price of indecision. Delving into topics that will touch the heart of everyone in Chiropractic.

Afternoon Tea

Espen Hjalmby – A Blueprint to a Magnificent Future (Part 1)

Espen will call on his own experiences, successes and failures to inspire you to recognise the magnificence within and manifest a personal and professional future that is only limited by your imagination.

Monique Andrews – Biohacking Consciousness: A Zen Guide to Chiropractic

Monique explores the connection between Chiropractic and Consciousness. Current science suggests the mind, both conscious and unconscious, is a flow of information through the nervous system. Zen Monks have long understood the powerful impact that meditation has on the mind and nervous system. She will share new research demonstrating the connection the chiropractic adjustment shares with brain areas activated with conscious experience. What we know is that when the brain changes, the mind changes and that perhaps chiropractic really is a conduit to unite the spiritual and physical.

Ash Pritchard – Accentuate the Adaptive

Join Ash as he takes you on a journey highlighting the single most impactful principal of chiropractic.


Lyceum Ball – Silver Celebration

Sunday 15 September

Espen Hjalmby – A Blueprint to a Magnificent Future (Part 2)

Building upon his earlier presentation, Espen will continue to enable you with the tools to help you to create a magnificent future and expand your vision for what is possible in your practice and in life.

Bettina Tornatora – Mister in-between (part 2)

So now you know where you are, where to from here? Practical applications to start tomorrow.

Morning tea
Tom Preston – 8 Key Mindsets of Success

In this talk, Tom reviews the 8 key mindsets that his 25 year longitudinal study of successful people has revealed are the key difference between average and very successful practice owners and conscious entrepreneurs.

Mike Loftus – I’ll Be Happy When…

Mike will discuss the differences in mindset, the idea of creating meaning in your life, and how (non religious) faith plays a major part in contextualising your outlook.

Gerry Clum – If You’re Not at The Table, You Could Be On The Menu

True ‘nuggets’ of wisdom from a man dedicated to progressing and promoting chiropractic.

Phil McMaster – Closing