Dr Patrick Sim

With over twenty of practice experience Dr Patrick Sim has gained a unique view of the chiropractic profession. In addition to clinical experience Patrick has also amassed a an additional 26 years in leadership of the profession through roles with the Chiropractors Association of Australia and registration boards.

This rich experience has underlined a fact that Patrick has been very aware of for some time: the only point of difference between chiropractic and any other profession is its philosophy.

It is with this in mind that Patrick is in the process of establishing the Australian Chiropractic College that will ensure that the philosophy of chiropractic is entwined in the science, art and politics of its course and graduates.

As a presenter, Patrick has been described as energetic, passionate, and eclectic. He is has spoken to groups around the world, carrying a message that is often uncomfortable but always hitting the mark.

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