Drs Adrian Couzner & Bobby Ilijasevic

Drs Adrian Couzner and Bogdan Ilijasevic teamed up, bringing their relative 23 years and 6 years of clinical experience to create their brand, CHIRO H3.  As a Sydney based business they currently have 2 practices, employ 11 staff, a marketing manager, a screening team and a tele-marketing manager.  In 2017 they attracted over 900 new clients to their practices, and billed in excess of $2 million.  They are members of The Ultimate Achievers Club, a group of high level Chiropractic minds where Dr Adrian is a Board member and The Remarkable Practice, where Dr Bobby is both a speaker and coach.  Their unique connection is the combined assets of a seasoned Chiropractor in Dr Adrian and the young gun energy of Dr Bobby.  Having a strong sense of family and home life, knowing the importance of health and doing something you love with joy, they live their purpose through their brand CHIRO H3. Home, Health and Happiness.

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