Phil McMaster
Phil McMasterChiropractor, NZCC President
Phil is one of the founders of the NZCC and was Chairman of the Board for over a decade until he became President in 2013. Previously, he was the owner and principal chiropractor at McMaster Chiropractic Centre in Taupo. His passion, sense of humour and practical approach to life makes him one of the profession’s true chiropractic commandos.
Gerry Clum
Gerry ClumPresidential Liaison for External Affairs at Life University, Executive Director of The Rubicon Group
Since retiring from Life Chiropractic College West as President Emeritus, Gerry became Presidential Liaison for External Affairs at Life University among other roles. He is the Executive Director of The Rubicon Group and has been recognised as one of the top five leaders of the chiropractic profession in a Dynamic Chiropractic readers’ poll.
Monique Andrews
Monique AndrewsChiropractor and co-founder of The Prana Group
As an international speaker and sought-after teacher, Monique is a master at offering simple, accessible, practical steps for delivering the why of our chiropractic purpose. Few people possess the expertise, presence and wisdom to make a meaningful impact on humanity. Monique is a rare gift to our profession.
Marina Fox
Marina FoxNZCC Dean of Academics
Marina has worked at the NZCC since 2001 and has held many roles including Health Centre Director, Lecturer, Dean Basic Sciences and since 2008 Dean of Chiropractic Education. She has been recognised for her achievement throughout her career and has recently completed a master’s degree in education focussing on vitalism.
Bruce Rapley
Bruce RapleyScience Consultant
Bruce is the principal science consultant at Atkinson & Rapley Consulting Ltd. His current focus is the application of science and technology to problems relating to people and their environment and he has authored numerous scientific papers on fields as varied as bioelectromagnetics, environmental acoustics and human health.
Kelly Holt
Kelly HoltNZCC Dean of Research
Kelly has a PHD in Health Sciences and manages the research content for the College’s evidence-based curriculum. He is a senior researcher at the Centre for Chiropractic Research at the NZCC and supports faculty and student research programmes. Kelly’s areas of research interest include falls prevention, neurology, reliability of vertebral subluxation indicators and population health.
Tom Preston
Tom PrestonLife Coach
Tom is a highly sought-after trainer, advisor, consultant and coach to health care professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide. Throughout his long coaching career, Tom has been helping his clients design and manifest the business and life of their dreams by connecting to their most authentic version of self and then leverages the power, wisdom, and creativity of that connection to help them “be” more so they can “do” more and ultimately “have” more.
Bettina Tornatora
Bettina TornatoraChiropractor
Bettina has been practicing Chiropractic for 25 years and is passionate about supporting all to thrive in their lives. She is the current chair of the Australian Chiropractors Association’s Women in Chiropractic Committee and was recognised by the association as the national Chiropractor of the Year for 2017 for her contribution to the profession.
Espen Hjalmby
Espen HjalmbyResearcher, Presenter, Longevitist and Conscious Business Consultant
Espen is a retired Chiropractor, co-founder of the Bonfire Health Group, wellness expert, business automation consultant, speaker, and personal mentor. He has dedicated himself to helping others to live inspired lives fuelled by an abundance of health and energy.
Ash Pritchard
Ash PritchardChiropractor, NZCETB Chairman
An NZCC graduate, Ash has served on the NZCC Board of Trustees since 2004 and
as Chairman of the Board since 2013. He’s a proud Australian but has built his
thriving family practice with wife Katie in West Auckland.
Mike Loftus
Mike LoftusBusinessman, NZCETB Member
Mike has been a member of the NZCC Board of Trustees for over ten years, drawing on his over 25 years of experience in senior corporate roles across airlines, financial services, sport and technology. His mindset of “I’ll be happy, then…” and “creating meaning in one’s life” have enabled him to set and achieve goals that have helped him leave a legacy to be proud of.